Hot Potato! Hot Potato!

Welcome to SPUDS Bar and Grill, a mobile food truck that will delight your palate.

SPUDS – Bar and Grill is a mobile food vendor serving the community in Sydney and greater New South Wales with healthy food option.

At any Festival, Fair or market, you can find Chip on a stick, Twist potato, Gozleme, Paella, Hot dog or a Burger stall, but now there is an awesome alternative.

'Spud' mobile - Sydney is all about filling up with delicious goodness without having to compromise on flavour and substance.

There are limited ‘healthy’ food options at any Sydney festival events such as music shows, product launche and corporate functions. Whether you’re are catering for meat lovers or vegetarians, vegans or Celiacs, Spuds can satisfy a healthy craving.

Our Spuds can be filled with anything from crispy bacon and eggs, grilled mushrooms, bolognaise sauce or stir-fried vegies. Spuds are also a great alternative for those that have religious preferences such as Halal or Kosher.

SPUD is just a healthy base, it’s the topping that bring it to life, and the options are only limited by the imagination.
Nothing compares to the light & fluffy Spud filled with freshly made ingredients, oozing with melting cheese and topped with sour cream and a pinch of chives. It’s a perfect meal for everyone either at family fun day out or a corporate function.
The humble Spud is guilt-free fast food - healthy alternative. Grab it for lunch at your local market or have it at your birthday party or any other celebration.
Great tasting food doesn’t need to be full of sugar & fat. Enjoy the down to earth Spud, full of natural goodness. Not only Spud potatoes are low in calories and sodium it's also virtually Fat Free and contain plenty of fibre which is doubled when you eat the scrumptious skin.
For a 'Spudtastic' event catering option for any occasion or a corporate party hire in Sydney think SPUDS. We can make your Open Day, Multicultural Festival, Food Fest or a Corporate function unique by creating your own, signature, spud masterpiece.

We turn a shy, humble and bashful potato into culinary delight!
We guarantee your next event will be ‘Spudtacular’ with SPUDS – Bar and Grill

  • Our Spuds are a Huge Hit!

    - Markets
    - Schools
    - Festival goers
    - Community Event organisers
    - Catering
  • Menu Easily catered for

    - Halal
    - Vegan
    - Kosher
    - Coeliac


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